20 Years Later – The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr.



The Prophecy


The 16th Century French prophet Michel de Nostredame, better known to us as Nostradamus, recorded his visions of the future in the Centuries, a collection of some 100 four-line stanzas known as Quatrains.  A renowned astrologer in his own time, Nostradamus usually keyed the dates of his prophecies to configurations of the heavenly bodies.  For example, in Century VI, Quatrain 24, he foresaw that a “calamitous war” would begin when the planets Mars and Jupiter were conjoined in the Zodiac sign Cancer.  This was fulfilled when US Special Forces troops entered Iraq in July 2002 as the first wave of the invasion of that benighted land in which a “calamitous war” has raged for over 16 years now.

But, of his many visions of the future, only a handful were explicitly tagged with a year, and these were usually reserved for truly momentous historical events.  In the 42nd paragraph of his Epistle to King Henry II, for instance, Nostradamus refers to the year 1792 – Year One of the French Revolution, when the ancient monarchy fell and a Republic was proclaimed.  And, out of that handful of prophecies keyed to a specific year, only two identify a particular month within that year.  The first of these (Century III, Quatrain 77) related to series of wars spanning over two centuries in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Crimea and the Caucasus – the historical prelude to the current “calamitous” conflicts in that region which perhaps bear the seeds of World War III.  Therefore, we would reasonably anticipate that the second Nostradamus vision of a specific year and month would relate of an event of equally portentous import.

In Century X, Quatrain 72, the prophet sees a man literally falling from the sky in July 1999:

The year 1999, seventh month,

From the sky will fall a great King terror-stricken:

To resurrect the great King of Angoumois,

Mars reigning favorably before and after.

When we interpret this, we must bear in mind that these are dream images that Nostradamus is trying to relate to things that were familiar to him in his own time.  So we have to try to put ourselves in the mindset of a citizen of 16th Century France.  During the prophet’s lifetime (1503-1566), France was ruled by the Valois-Angoulême royal dynasty, founded by Francis I (1515-1547), who had been the Count of Angoulême before he ascended the throne.  The city of Angoulême was the capital of the province of Angoumois, referred to in the third line of the stanza quoted above.  Therefore, in one respect, Nostradamus is alluding to a royal family – and, moreover, one which was being decimated by a series of assassinations, which would ultimately render the Valois-Angoulême line extinct with the murder of King Henry III in 1589.

In another respect, the prophet is also referring to the city we now know as New York.  In 1524 King Francis I sponsored a voyage of discovery to the New World by the Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazano, who became the first European to sail into New York Harbor.  Verrazano named the site Angoulême in honor of his patron, Francis of Angoulême.

Hence, the “King” who falls from the sky in July 1999 is described as a scion of a royal lineage stricken by assassins and an inhabitant of Angoulême, modern day New York City.  As if to absolutely dispel any doubt as to who this sky-fallen prince may be, Nostradamus invokes the name Angoulême just once more in his prophecies (Century X, Quatrain 17), this time referring to the aftermath of  his fall:

Lamentable cries will come then from Angoulême,

And the marriage of the first cousin put off.

On the night of July 16, 1999, John F. Kennedy, Jr., was piloting his private plane within 10 miles of Martha’s Vineyard on his way to attend the wedding of his first cousin Rory Kennedy the next day.  After his plane suddenly plunged down like a rock into the ocean – presumably killing John, his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister Lauren – the lamenting Kennedy family postponed the wedding.  At the time of his apparent death, JFK Jr. had been a resident of New York City since childhood, and he was, of course, very much heir to his father’s Camelot mystique – cemented in the popular imagination by John-John’s iconic salute to the passing flag-draped caisson-borne casket of the martyred President.

So Nostradamus, who is somewhat notorious for the obscurity of his predictions, is being uncharacteristically categorical here.  The matches between the images of his visions and the circumstances of this incident are unbelievably exact, right down to the year and month.  As if that weren’t enough, his fourth line throws in the celestial data of a “reigning” Mars before and after the plane crash.  In astrological parlance, the planet Mars rules two Zodiac signs, one of which is Scorpio.  In 1999, Mars reigned in Scorpio from July 5th through September 2nd, “before and after” the tragic event.  And the “favorable” influences of Mars, tending toward war, sandwich this incident “before and after” between the first and second Iraq wars.

Always wary of the scrutiny of the Inquisition, Nostradamus was quite willing to leave a lot of room for doubt and ambiguity in his prophecies.  But not in this one.  In this one he focuses on the event like a laser beam.  Why?  Lamentable though the crash was, the official narrative spun by the media and the government painted it as no more than an unfortunate accident: an inexperienced pilot flying with an injured foot and without a flight instructor through a dark hazy night, succumbing to spatial disorientation and crashing his plane.

Except that’s not the way it actually was on that night in the seventh month of 1999.

What we see here is a cover-up very much in the pattern of those that followed the assassinations of JFK in 1963 and RFK in 1968.  Official lies so crude and self-contradictory that they seem designed to flaunt their mendacity in the face of the public, thereby fostering an atmosphere of cynicism and hopelessness, an atmosphere in which citizens cower before the power of the “intelligence services”.  The same pattern of unabashed brazen lies would later be repeated as applied to the “new Pearl Harbor” false-flag terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Nostradamus clearly viewed the apparent death of JFK Jr. through the prism of the earlier assassination of his father, and the ensuing cover-up, which he foresaw with eerie detail in Century 6, Quatrain 37:

The ancient work will be consummated.

From the roof evil ruin will fall upon the great one:

An innocent one made dead they will accuse,

The guilty one hidden in the tumultuous copse.

As the witnesses at the scene reported, the real assassins fired from behind a fence surrounded by a copse of small trees on the infamous Grassy Knoll.  It became a tumultuous scene as a crowd ran up the Grassy Knoll to apprehend the killers, only to be turned back by the Dallas police who were covering their getaway.  Self-described “patsy” Lee Harvey Oswald was conveniently “made dead” and framed as the lone “fall-guy” for the shooting.  As was true of the murder of his son, JFK’s killing had many earmarks of a ritual slaughter – his brains splattering  onto his wife’s dress while a throng of thousands looked on in horror.  Theatrical enactments of such gruesome rites have been central to the “ancient work” of the secret societies, to which the prophet points in the stanza’s first line.  Their aim is to traumatize the population in preparation for mass mind-control.


Assassination and Cover-Up

Before we delve into the circumstances of the apparent death of JFK Jr., we need to consider whether there were motives for a murder and who might have had such motives.  It’s well known that he was making plans to enter politics during the year 2000 US election cycle.  Several of his friends and advisers were on record saying that he planned to launch his political career with a run for the New York Senate seat being vacated by Daniel Moynihan – the same seat held by Robert Kennedy from 1964-1968.  He apparently intended to follow in the footsteps of his uncle by using the Senate as a stepping-stone to a Presidential candidacy, perhaps as early as 2004 or 2008.  Ominously, America’s answer to the Borgia family, the Clintons, had staked out the same path to the While House for Hillary, so John Jr. stood in their way.  His rising star would also have eclipsed that of George W. Bush, who had announced his own Presidential ambitions.

Now, when we talk about the Clintons and the Bushes, we are at the same time talking about the CIA, to which they both are closely tied.  Bush Sr. earned his stripes as CIA Director in the wake of the Watergate scandal (1976-77), when the Senate’s Church Committee was probing CIA involvement in the JFK assassination.  During his governorship in Arkansas in the 1980s, Bill Clinton ran interference for the Agency’s cocaine-running operation through the Mena airport, profits from which were used to fund the illegal Contra War in Nicaragua.  So the Clintons and the Bushes owed their primary allegiance to the Agency whose crimes they had helped to cover up.

But it’s inherent in the nature of political cover-ups that they never really end.  When RFK was on the threshold of the White House after his victory in the California primary on the evening of June 5, 1968, his rumored intention to reopen the investigation into his brother’s death was enough to force the CIA to undertake another assassination and cover-up.   Although Bobby had never spoken openly about his skepticism of the “lone gunman” explanation for JFK’s assassination, John Jr. had.  He had even published in his George magazine an interview with Oliver Stone, whose 1991 movie JFK had widely discredited the Warren Commission report.  This time, the Agency did not have the luxury of waiting to pull the trigger until their target was knocking on the White House door.  Although the American public could at times be gullible, as Abraham Lincoln aptly observed, they could not be fooled all of the time.  Once a popular groundswell arose behind the charismatic John Jr., as it inevitably would, his elimination via the old “lone gunman” canard would become impossible.

Historically, the “intelligence services” owe much of their organizational structures and operational methods to the secret societies, from which they evolved and to which they remain deeply tied.  Therefore, as we’ve just discussed in terms of JFK’s assassination, the element of a mass-traumatizing horrific spectacle was also called for in the disposal of his troublesome son.  Not only would his plane be brought down with his wife – and likely his unborn child – on board, but their shredded corpses would be literally dumped in the front yard of the Martha’s Vineyard home where John-John and Jackie had spent their summers.  The message of this brand of psychological terror is quite plain:  “If we can do this with impunity to the Kennedys, imagine what we can do to you!”  Lay down, citizens, and let them walk all over you, if you know what’s good for you.

The ill-fated plane trip originated from the Essex County Airport in Fairfield, New Jersey.  John’s single-engine Piper-Saratoga was a state-of-the-art aircraft with auto-pilot controls that would have only required only the flip of a switch to guide the plane safely to ground if the pilot had a problem.  Having passed the written and performance tests on these controls, John only needed to log some additional flight hours to be officially certified on them.  He had flown the NJ-to-Martha’s Vineyard route numerous times, both day and night, with and without a certified flight instructor (CFI).  His pilot’s license authorized him to fly this route at night without a CFI onboard, as long as the visible horizon was 4 miles or better.  When he filed his flight plan with the Essex Airport prior to departure, he would not have been allowed to take off if the plan had violated any of the conditions of his license.

As attested by all of his former CFI’s John was a careful, conscientious pilot who followed safety protocols to the letter.  He was in fine physical condition, with his broken ankle from a para-gliding accident three months earlier fully healed and the cast removed the previous day.  The take-off was normal and the flight was tracked by the FAA’s radar facilities along the route.   When he was within 13 miles of the Airport, at 9:39 p.m. John followed FAA rules by descending to altitude 2200 feet and radioing the tower for permission to land.  The plane was then about 10 miles offshore in the vicinity of Noman’s Island.  In John’s conversation with the Airport, there was no indication of any problems.  He calmly informed them that he planned to drop Lauren off there and then take off again for Hyannis, where his cousin Rory was to be wed the next day. 

At that point, the radar data indicates that the plane suddenly went into a nose-first dive straight down into the ocean at a rate of descent of 4700 feet-per-minute.  While loss of a visible horizon can cause a pilot flying without instruments to experience spatial disorientation, there was no issue of an adequate visual horizon discussed with the Airport only seconds earlier.  As a matter of fact, the historical weather data for Martha’s Vineyard for the night of July 16, 1999 (which is still available on the Weather Underground website) reports fair conditions with a visible horizon of 10 miles.  Residents of the area reported a mostly clear night with the Moon and stars visible.  FAA Administrator Jane Garvey determined the visibility that night to be very good.

Although FAA procedure is to initiate a search in the last area of radar contact when a plane fails to land after contacting the tower, the FAA did nothing for four hours.  A few hours later, when the media learned of the missing flight, Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer Todd Burgun speaking on Boston’s WCVB-TV confirmed that Kennedy had contacted Martha’s Vineyard Airport less than two minutes before the plane disappeared from radar.  The U.P.I. also picked up and reported Burgun’s statement at the time.

Kennedy’s plane was equipped with an Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) designed to send out a signal on an assigned frequency if the aircraft experienced a sudden impact.  The Coast Guard reported through Peter Jennings of ABC News, at 2:15 a.m. on July 17th, that they had detected the ELT signal of the lost plane.  And at that point, the cover-up went into high gear.  The Pentagon announced that the Air Force and Navy were taking over the search from the FAA, even though this was a strictly civilian aviation incident.  At the same time, the Coast Guard was silenced and the Pentagon became the sole source of information. The Air Force spokesman Lt. Colonel Steve Roark then denied that JFK Jr. had contacted the Airport in preparation for landing, denied that Kennedy had filed a flight plan, and denied that his plane has been tracked by FAA radar to the vicinity of Noman’s Island as a likely crash site.  In fact, Roark contended that the crash zone could not be localized, and he ordered the search to cover the plane’s entire route of travel from New Jersey!

While the Navy initially reported hearing Kennedy’s ELT beacon loud and clear and closing in on it, they later retracted that and asserted that one of their own planes had crashed in the same area and that they had confused its distress beacon for his.  This despite the facts that military and civilian aircraft distress signals sound nothing alike,  Oddly, there would be no further reporting on the fate of the supposedly crashed Navy plane and its crew.

Only after Carolyn Bessette’s briefcase washed up on the beach at Martha’s Vineyard did the Air Force and Coast Guard officially begin the focus their search in that area, more than 15 hours after the crash.  But local residents reported seeing Coast Guard helicopters hovering around that crash site shortly after the plane went missing.  Access to the beach was restricted so that the public could not observe the recovery operations, supposedly out of deference to the feelings of the Kennedy family.  The fact that passenger luggage washed up intact on the beach indicates that the aircraft cabin was breached – as it would have been by an onboard explosion – before the plane hit the water.  After contact with the ocean, luggage along with the passengers inside an unbreached cabin would have been crushed by the forces of impact and water pressure.

Initially, three local witnesses reported hearing an explosion at about 9:40 p.m. on the night of July 16, 1999, coming for the direction of Noman’s Island.  Authorities explained away these reported explosions as originating from a fireworks display in Falmouth, even though that town was almost 10 miles further away and in the opposite direction from Noman’s Island.  One of the witnesses was a Pennsylvania trial lawyer named Victor Pribanic, who was fishing for bass off Squibnocket Point on the extreme southwest corner of Martha’s Vineyard, a few miles north of Noman’s Island.  Pribanic, who been coming to that spot to fish for some 20 years, remembered seeing a small aircraft flying low over the water toward the Airport.  Moments later, he was startled by a loud explosion that he said sounded “like a bomb”.  He judged the source of the explosive sound to be near Noman’s Island, where he recalled the Navy had tested ordnance years ago.

After four days of “searching”, the wreckage of the plane and bodies of the crash victims were reported to be recovered.  Following rushed autopsies, the bodies were immediately cremated.  There was no recording of the last moments of the flight because the cockpit recorder was inexplicably missing its backup battery.  The fuel selector valve switch was also reported by the NTSB to have been recovered in the fully off position, which means that the flow of fuel to the engine had been totally cut off.  This would have required the pilot to push a safety override button while throwing the switch, all while plummeting toward his death.

If an onboard explosion was the cause of the crash, and if the Pentagon was ordered to conceal that fact, for whatever reason, then the extended delay in initiating and completing the search and recovery operations could be explained by the need to alter the wreckage to remove traces of the explosion.  In such a scenario, the official autopsies of the victims would also lack credibility, just as the Navy’s autopsy of JFK’s corpse in 1963 was totally falsified.


The Kennedy Curse

In promoting the official narratives of these cover-ups, the role of the corporate media is decisive.  Beginning with the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird in the 1950s, the Agency has infiltrated the media with journalists who act as its operatives in planting its stories, which are often ascribed to unnamed “reliable sources”.  Their job is not only unquestioningly to repeat the official lies, but to amplify them.  In the weeks and months after JFK Jr.’s plane crash, for example, the media wildly speculated that John was suicidal, drunk, on drugs, or all of the above.  He was painted as an unhinged dare-devil, a narcissist who played games with the lives of his wife and unborn child.  A similar campaign of defamation had followed the shooting of his father, who was portrayed as a sex addict in bed with the mob through his amorous liaisons.  The recurrent theme advanced by the media propaganda is that the victim brought on his own death, the he “deserved to die”.

This theme was applied not only the individual Kennedys, but the Kennedy Clan as a whole, under the watchword of the “Kennedy Curse”.  It covered the dead Kennedy sons, Joe, Jack, and Bobby, and the disgraced Teddy.  Unlike the Bushes and the Clintons, the Kennedys were not under the thumb of US intelligence.  In the lead-up to the Second World War, the Clan’s patriarch Joseph Kennedy had resigned as Ambassador to Britain rather than advance secret plans to create a pretext for US entry into that war at a time when the vast majority of Americans opposed it.  At the Bay of Pigs, Jack Kennedy had defied the CIA’s demand for US air support of the invasion and had the guts to fire the Agency’s Director Allen Dulles in the aftermath of that fiasco.  As if to flaunt the travesty of its investigation into Jack’s assassination, the Warren Commission counted Allen Dulles among its members.

As we’ve noted, the intelligence services derive much of their playbook from the nefarious methods developed by the secret societies over the centuries.  Propagating the notion of a “curse” on their enemies and their progeny is a key stratagem in the “ancient work” of this occult cabal, to which Nostradamus refers in his vision of the JFK shooting.  We can trace it back as far as the year 1314, when the Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, was burned at the stake at the instigation of French King Philip IV and Pope Clement V.  From the scaffold, de Molay cursed both men as well as the entire line of future French monarchs descending from Philip.  Within eight months, Pope Clement and King Philip were both dead, and within 14 years, the King’s Capetian Dynasty had died out.  Thereafter, the “Curse of the Templars” extended to the succeeding Valois Dynasty, extinguished through a series of assassination foretold by Nostradamus in the Centuries.  And the last line of French kings, the Bourbons, expired with the execution of Louis XVI, when a triumphant Parisian Freemason leaped onto the scaffold proclaiming that Jacques de Molay was avenged.

In the wake of the Crusades, the Templars had acquired inordinate power and wealth by reviving the practice of usury, which had been proscribed during the Middle Ages.  They had also returned from Palestine with occult rituals involving demonology and necrophilia.  For example, one of the Templars’ emblems was the Skull-and-Crossbones, which derived from the legend of a man who impregnated his dead wife’s corpse.  During the wars in the Holy Land, the Knights Templar had also encountered a fanatical Islamic sect known as the Assassins, under whose tutelage they became masters of that art.  Although King Philip IV attempted to suppress the Templars seven centuries ago, they simply went underground and spawned a multitude of tentacles in the form of affiliated secret societies, such the Priory of Sion, the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, and the Illuminati.  These secret societies found particularly fertile ground in America, where the Catholic Church had much less influence than in Europe.  One sure way of identifying American leaders who belong to the occult cabal is their involvement in societies like Yale’s Skull-and-Bones (e.g., the Bushes) and the Bohemian Grove (e.g., Dick Cheney).

Of course, the Templars and their offshoots possess no supernatural powers to impose a curse on anyone.  But the belief that they have such powers serves both to instill terror in their adversaries and to provide cover for their assassinations, which a servile media will attribute to the curse.  Those among the powerful who stand in the way of their “ancient work” are tagged with the curse, then eliminated by assassinations or contrived scandal, thereby vindicating the curse.  The goals of this “ancient work” have not changed since the Templars emerged a thousand years ago:  First, to build a Third Temple in Jerusalem on the model of King Solomon’s Temple. Second, to install in the Third Temple a “Great King”, who will be both ruler of world-wide kingdom and high priest of a universal religion.  Claiming to be descended from Jesus Christ himself, the “Great King” will replace Christianity, along with Judaism and Islam, with a neo-pagan cult.

Writing in Century X, Quatrain 71, Nostradamus sees the rise of the Great King’s idolatry coinciding with widespread floods and the rise of the oceans, as some parts of the earth rapidly freeze while others suddenly thaw:

The earth and the air will freeze, so much water,

When they will come to venerate Thursday:

He who will be, never was there one so fair,

From the four corners they will come to honor him.

Thursday in French is Jeudi, Jove’s Day, sacred to Jupiter, the supreme god of the pagan pantheon.  Nostradamus returns to this theme in Century X, Quatrain 73:

The present time along with the past,

Will be judged by the great Jovialist:

The world too late will grow tired of him,

And disloyal by the jurist clergy.

The Great King, as a neo-pagan High Priest, is also the Great Jovialist, reviving the pagan religion of Jove or Jupiter.  Exercising both secular and religious authority, he will preside over a judicial system based on lawyer-priests, the “jurist clergy”.

It’s very revealing that the preceding two Quatrains bracket Century X, Quatrain 72, from which we started in our analysis.  Let’s look at it again:

The year 1999, seventh month,

From the sky will fall a great King terror-stricken:

To resurrect the great King of Angoumois,

Mars reigning favorably before and after.

So now we can readily recognize the Great King, to whom Nostradamus refers in the third line.  As a result of the apparent assassination of JFK Jr., the long-lost royal lineage of King David will purportedly be resurrected in the person of the Great King.  Nostradamus’ next two Quatrains 74-75 provide some clues as to when and where this resurrection will occur:

Once past the year of the seventh great number,

He will appear at the time of the games of Hecatomb:

Not far from the age of the great millennium,

When the buried will go out of their tomb.


Long awaited he will never return,

Within Europe in Asia:

One of the league issued from the great Hermes,

And over all the Kings of the East he will grow.

Taking these line-by-line, the “seventh great number” is 777.  In Hebrew gematria, which translates letters into numbers, the “great numbers” are all multiples of 111, which equates to aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and a symbol of unity.  The sixth great number is 666, the number of the Beast, and the eighth great number is 888, the number of Jesus Christ.  And between them is seventh great number 777, signifying the realm of demons (Hebrew qlippot) from which the Beast arises and into which he will be cast out when Christ returns.  The year of the seventh great number is the Hebrew year 5777, which began, not long after the millennium year 2000, at sunset on October 2, 2016, and ended at sunset on September 20, 2017.

In the second line of the first stanza, the “games of the Hecatomb” refer to the summer Olympic games.  In the ancient Greek Olympiad, a sacrifice of 100 bulls – called a Hecatomb – was offered to Zeus (their name for Jove/Jupiter) at closing ceremonies on Mt. Olympus.  The next summer Olympics after Hebrew year 5777 will be the Tokyo games July 24 – August 9, 2020.  Therefore, Nostradamus’ timeframe for the appearance of the Great King falls between September 20, 2017 and August 9, 2020.  Since the term “Hecatomb” can also signify a massacre, it’s conceivable that the advent of the Great King will coincident with a deadly terrorist attack during the Tokyo games.

According to the first two lines of the second stanza, the Great King will return “within Europe in Asia”, which sounds enigmatic until we recall that there is a European enclave in Asia, that being the State of Israel in Palestine.  This confirms that the future throne of the Great King will be in the rebuilt Temple of Jerusalem.  In the third line, “the league issued from the great Hermes” refers to Hermetic rituals of magic and alchemy practiced by the occult societies, which are to become the basis of the Great King’s universal religion.

Nostradamus leaves another clue to the resurrection of the Great King in his Century III, Quatrains 91-92:

The tree which had long been dead and withered,

In one night will become green again:

King Cronus ill, Prince with stump foot,

Feared by his enemies will make his sail jump

The world nears its final period,

Retrograde Saturn will return again.

Starting with the first line, the Great King’s family “tree” will supposedly trace back to the “holy blood” of ancient kings – a long dormant lineage that will suddenly be revived.  King Cronus is the pagan god Saturn, father of Jupiter, who will return to preside over a neo-pagan “Golden Age”, according to occult teachings.  We recall that Prince John had a stumpy cast on his foot for months before his fatal crash.  Perhaps the jumping sail in the third line is the prophet’s impression of the aircraft tail being blown off before his plane plunged into the ocean.  In the last line, Saturn’s return refers to that planet coming back to its position when the Prince was born.  In this case, John’s second Saturn return, with the planet moving retrograde (backwards relative to the Zodiac), will occur on July 18, 2019 – the 20th anniversary of the date JFK Jr. was  declared dead and the 50th anniversary of his uncle’s character assassination on Chappaquiddick Island.

As the twentieth anniversary of John Jr.’s fall from the sky approaches, there is an understandable yearning among many of his admirers for a miracle by which he would emerge again alive, somehow having survived the plane crash of July 16, 1999.  Nostradamus’ prophecies indicate that the advent of the Antichrist Great King will somehow derive from Kennedy’s apparent demise.  That could mean that the Great King will initially achieve notoriety by claiming to be a “resurrected” JFK Jr., so as to draw the support of John’s followers.  In this regard, we do well to remember the last admonition that Jesus gave to his Apostles in Matthew 24:23-28:

Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not. 

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

 Behold, I have told you before.

Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. 

For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the vultures be gathered together.