The Great Translation
"They killed him once and they killed him twice Killed him like a human sacrifice
The day that they killed him, someone said to me, 'Son The age of the Antichrist has just only begun'"
— Bob Dylan, "Murder Most Foul"

The following are excerpts from The Great Translation  The full text of each chapter may be accessed by clicking on the title heading.

Chapter One:    The Renewal of the Age
In Epistle ¶23, the Prophet envisions the “great Empire of the Antichrist” emerging from a conflict between the Atlantic powers (NATO) and Persia (Iran), a struggle which will spread to the Ukraine and Russia as well. After the abominable spirit of Nero “effects a transmigration” to possess the Antichrist, he unleashes a war against the Church of Jesus Christ and its lone defender among the nations of the world. As he expands upon further in the Epistle, this apocalyptic War on Religion results in a persecution of religion unprecedented in history, eclipsing even the Jewish Holocaust of the 20th Century, destroying entire nations and consuming two-thirds of the human race. And all of this horror has its origins in a crossroads of events which Nostradamus calls the “Great Translation”. In the Old French of the Prophet’s time, the word “translation” had meanings that we no longer commonly assign to it. One of those meanings is a “relocation” or a “realignment”, which is applied in a religious rather than physical context. Thus, three of the great religious translations of the Mediterranean region have occurred with Moses and the Torah, Jesus and the Gospels, and Mohammed and the Koran, engendering the three major Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Great Translation to which Epistle ¶24 refers is one which will suppress the Abrahamic faiths and replace them – for a time – with a strain of Gnostic occultism, with roots in ancient Egyptian rites and the Grail heresies of the Middle Ages.

Chapter Two:    The Last Saturnalia
KRON. (amazed) Another brilliant interpretation, Shirley! Of course, Aleph and Alpha, being the first letters of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets, respectively, both stand for the Beginning of Time, when, according to Genesis, the Universe was in a condition which modern quantum physics calls a “Pure State”. It’s a state of perfect symmetry, in which all possibilities are Real. Completely outside of dimensional time and space as we know them. Totally atemporal and non-local. Everything happening in the same place at the same time, like in a dream. And like in a dream, nothing ever dies – the barrier between Living and Dead utterly vanishes. SAM. (inspired) Like the Judgement Day?! KRON. (breathless) Right, except there’s not just one Judgement Day, but many. An infinity, as a matter of fact. In order to be awake, we need to sleep, to dream. That pattern also holds true for Reality as a whole. In order for there to be an outward-moving process, it needs to alternate with an inward-moving process. A brilliant physicist name David Bohm called that the Implicate Order. Without a periodic dip in the pool of the Implicate Order, manifest Reality literally dries up, breaks up, becomes sterile, brittle and lifeless. There is living Death and dead Death, but no actual Life. SHIRL. (entranced) It may interest you to know that I teach quantum physics and relativity here at Georgetown. What you’re describing, Mr. Kronos, is a singularity in Space-Time. The creative singularity breaks the chain of cause-and-effect. It’s the only thing that allows us to escape the endless “recurrence of the same”, which terrified Nietzsche’s Zarathustra. The unending repetition of Aleph and Aleph and Aleph, with no Becoming, no Omega.

Chapter Three:    The Great Reset
In the first chapter of this book, we anticipated an unprecedented social and religious transformation in the transition from the past six-thousand-year Great Year, which ends on the Winter Solstice of 2020, to the coming Millennium, in which the Golden Age that preceded the current Age of Warfare will return. According to both Scriptural prophecy and the visions of Nostradamus, this transition – or “translation” as Nostradamus calls it – will be a time of tribulation, in which absolute spiritual darkness will cover the Earth. It’s clear that the Great Reset that unfolds in Davos soon after the Great Conjunction of 2020 is the dystopian harbinger of this Tribulation. The worldwide war which has already begun and is pre-programmed by the Great Reset is the final, suicidal act of capitalism’s “creative destruction”, but the only thing it will create are the conditions for a tyranny the likes of which mankind has never seen. The consummation of the Great Reset coup will require a repressive surveillance apparatus that dwarfs anything known before in human history, including Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s China. There will remain no personal space – not even one’s private thoughts – into which one may withdraw from the All-Seeing Eye, into which the intelligence apparatus and “social media” will merge.

Chapter Four:    Brave New Normal
KING. (ironically) Oh, no! I could never do that! Let me see… Ah, yes! I can be merciful, just as the Turkish Sultan was to Sabbatai Tzevi. I will spare your lives if you will both convert to my religion – the worship of the divine Light-Bearer. You can serve under my High Priest Ormus. All you need do to earn your reprieves is to remove those ridiculous red pileus caps from your heads and instead don one of my gaiters (handing them each one). NOST. (reading the scarlet letters on the gaiters) Chi-Rho… My grandfather’s anagram Chyren for the Antichrist! KRON. (insightful) Or, in the reverse, Rho-Chi – the “Rosy Cross” of the Dualists, the Rosicrucians and their occult progeny, the Illuminati. In physics, it’s the law of Parity – strong interactions, that is, events that endure and are Real, have real mirror-images – while ephemeral fluctuations have none. NOST. (aptly) That may explain why vampires are reputed to cast no reflection in a looking glass. Contrary to what the Dualists believe, good and evil are not co-equal – instead, evil is the absence of Being. And so, a purely malevolent entity lacks the properties of Reality, including that of Parity. (to Sabbatai) I notice there are no mirrors in this room, Your Majesty.

Chapter Five:    The Cup of Abomination
Of course, the Templars and their offshoots possess no supernatural powers to impose a curse on anyone. But the belief that they have such powers serves both to instill terror in their adversaries and to provide cover for their assassinations, which a servile media will attribute to the curse. Those among the powerful who stand in the way of their “ancient work” are tagged with the curse, then eliminated by assassinations or contrived scandal, thereby vindicating the curse. The goals of this “ancient work” have not changed since the Templars emerged a thousand years ago: First, to build a Third Temple in Jerusalem on the model of King Solomon’s Temple. Second, to install in the Third Temple a “Great King”, who will be both ruler of world-wide kingdom and high priest of a universal religion. Claiming to be descended from Jesus Christ himself, the “Great King” will replace Christianity, along with Judaism and Islam, with a neo-pagan cult.

Chapter Six:    The 33rd Parallel
NOST. (persisting) Okay. So Cagliostro outlined the steps in this diabolical process of “perfecting primal matter”: (1) rejuvenate and repair the lost forces, (2) liquefy the solid part, (3) congeal the liquid part, (4) render the possible impossible, and (5) the impossible possible. This is the alchemical reprocessing of Reality into its opposite, restoring to primacy the lost forces which fell into the Other Side. The woman here represents the “lost forces” of the Qlippot – the so-called “vacuum fluctuations” of quantum physics, without sufficient energy to cross the threshold into Being… unless they get a boost from an actual Being. NOST. (appreciative) This image represents the diabolic revelation, the penultimate step in the alchemical process. As in Levi’s depiction, the Devil has beastly features – horns and clawed hands and feet. The unitary power of divine Reality is here replaced with a Dual Power, symbolized by the two subaltern demons at the Devil’s feet. Demonic duality relates to the Beast and Woman conjoined. It also alludes to the double star Sirius, the occult “sun behind the Sun”. The Dog Star is the emblem of the Dog Man, and it appears in occult iconography as the five-pointed Pentagram and the “All-Seeing Eye”. Its alchemical role is to replace the natural Sun in the inverted version of the World. KRON. (getting it) So that the Rebel Angels consigned to the Dark Side of the Vanities could reach from the metaphysical background into the foreground through fallen Man. Alchemy seeks to restore them to the foreground by transposing Light and Darkness. NOST. (poignantly) The light of Lucifer, the Light-Bearer: The Light which is Darkness… KRON. (reciting) “Yet from those flames no light, but rather darkness visible.” Milton, Paradise Lost. NOST. (delving) Ordinarily, the demonic is powerless. Falsehood does not in itself alter Reality. It may have a passing currency, but it cannot endure. But a lie that persists, and even becomes more powerful the more it’s debunked – that’s a different thing. A lie that grows stronger the more thoroughly and totally it’s refuted has the power not only to alter Reality, but to supersede it. All to the end that that which is not God – that which is the opposite of God – may be worshipped by a soulless remnant of humanity. KRON. (appalled) This goes Goebbels one better: Not just the repetition of the Lie, but the concurrent slow unveiling of its falsehood with absolute impunity. NOST. (incisive) Not surprisingly, the “sacred” occult text for this phase of the alchemical process is Aleister Crowley’s Book of Lies, which reveals the conception of Thelema – an inverted rendering of the Garden of Eden. Notably, Crowley subtitled this Liber CCCXXXIII, Book 333. We have now progressed – or, better said, regressed – from “Nothing is forbidden” to “Nothing is true”. It’s the apex of Nihilism, at which metaphysics consumes itself, like the Ouroboros serpent swallowing its own tail. Divine Creation is undone, and we return to the pre-Genesis formless state of Tohu. We’ve arrived at the alchemical step known as the Nigredo, the “blackening” that obliterates the real Earth and starts over again with an inverse order based on the Vanities.