The Great Translation
"They killed him once and they killed him twice Killed him like a human sacrifice
The day that they killed him, someone said to me, 'Son The age of the Antichrist has just only begun'"
— Bob Dylan, "Murder Most Foul"

The following are excerpts from The Great Translation  The full text of each chapter may be accessed by clicking on the title heading.

Chapter One:    The Renewal of the Age
In Epistle ¶23, the Prophet envisions the “great Empire of the Antichrist” emerging from a conflict between the Atlantic powers (NATO) and Persia (Iran), a struggle which will spread to the Ukraine and Russia as well. After the abominable spirit of Nero “effects a transmigration” to possess the Antichrist, he unleashes a war against the Church of Jesus Christ and its lone defender among the nations of the world. As he expands upon further in the Epistle, this apocalyptic War on Religion results in a persecution of religion unprecedented in history, eclipsing even the Jewish Holocaust of the 20th Century, destroying entire nations and consuming two-thirds of the human race. And all of this horror has its origins in a crossroads of events which Nostradamus calls the “Great Translation”. In the Old French of the Prophet’s time, the word “translation” had meanings that we no longer commonly assign to it. One of those meanings is a “relocation” or a “realignment”, which is applied in a religious rather than physical context. Thus, three of the great religious translations of the Mediterranean region have occurred with Moses and the Torah, Jesus and the Gospels, and Mohammed and the Koran, engendering the three major Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The Great Translation to which Epistle ¶24 refers is one which will suppress the Abrahamic faiths and replace them – for a time – with a strain of Gnostic occultism, with roots in ancient Egyptian rites and the Grail heresies of the Middle Ages.